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Who We Are
Established in 2013, Hydrus Energy Solutions is an environmentally responsible oil field service company providing the finest in flameless heat.
We are committed to providing safer work environments, and are constantly expanding, innovating and diversifying our equipment to meet and exceed customer expectation and industry heating standards.

Mission Statement

To safely provide innovative products and first-class heating and fluid storage services in the energy and environmental sectors.


Our Operations

With our core operation based in North Dakota, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Armstrong, British Columbia, we are able to offer three types of specialized units: air, fluid and glycol systems. Using these flameless, diesel-powered technologies we are able to address cold-weather challenges in even the harshest of winter conditions. We focus on a pro-active and preventative approach, offering adjustable heating programs to ensure all people, product and equipment can be utilized in a safer, warmer environment.

We offer a custom-fit program, utilizing the right combination of Hydrus Energy equipment, to solve even your most demanding challenges – cleanly, safely & quickly.

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